The amazing Dr. Yoshimi Yoshiaki

It’s been a long time wish of mine to meet and interview Dr. Yoshimi Yoshiaki.  He’s a true hero. As are Ken Arimitsu, Mina Watanabe and Dr. Etsuro Totsuka who are all working in one way or another to raise the banner of truth in Japan about its war past. Not in a morbid or Japan-bashing way but because they recognize that in order for their country to go forward and to be at peace with its neighbors, former wartime enemies and colonies, that it must deal with war atrocities like Germany has and look at it square in the face.

I get teary-eyed when I think of these Japanese activists who live by their convictions. They’re role models and heroes living by a higher moral standard. Thank you to these Japanese activists. I look forward to spending time with you in Tokyo.

I’ll interview Dr. Yoshimi Yoshiaki after his talk at the Japanese Diet. After securing this interview, I squealed like a girl (glad no one was around).

I ♥ Japan.