Yesterday, I had the honor of spending (Chinese) New Year’s day with 87 year old Timothy Chung – a great man of humility. I love Timothy. I know why so many people love him and honor him.

My friends and I made dinner and had a sweet time of sharing with Timothy. His blog is:

I’ll be writing his story soon and it’ll be posted on his blog after he approves it. He shared his life with us, with eyes closed – I could literally see his dramatic life experiences unfolding in front of me as he spoke.  What a powerful sense of immediacy in his storytelling.

In short, Timothy, an extraordinary man, was born on September 22, 1922 in Guangzhou, China. He became a Christian through a Sunday School class in his youth. Due to his employment at a Japanese trading firm, Timothy was ‘accused’ of being a Japanese collaborator and also imprisoned for his Christian faith.

He was sentenced without trial in October 1958 to hard labor in prison for almost 22 years until his release in July 1979. He entered the United States in February 1985 and was granted political asylum on May 2, 1986, thanks to the tireless efforts of his sister Beatrice and a number of very kind souls such as Pastor Gary Kroeze and as Timothy calls them “the saints” at Kansas City Fellowship.

In what is one of the most enduring love stories I’ve heard, Timothy and his wife Jane’s marriage weathered the storms of life. While her husband languished in a labor camp, Jane raised four children singlehandedly as a nurse in Shanghai.

(Timothy and Jane’s photo will be posted soon) 

Timothy is a true example of one who courageously stands for truth in the face of unusual adversity. He is one of the most humble men I have had the pleasure of meeting.

You’re a hero Timothy!